Many people walk through our doors looking for an opportunity to give back. We all come with different reasons and different stories. The life journeys you have had up to this moment have given you valuable strengths that you can use as a volunteer at Hospice of the Twin Cities.

You may have had a loved one in hospice and appreciated the care so much that you in turn want to give back. Perhaps you are a retired veteran and can connect with our patients at the Minnesota Veterans Home. You may be deeply spiritual and feel the need to help in that area.

If the one-on-one patient experience is not for you, perhaps you would prefer to help out in the office with administrative tasks such as filing and data entry. Your skills could also be used in creative ways, such as artwork, blanket-making or event planning. There are many ways in which you can give.

We have a vast family of volunteers that come together to create a unique environment at the end of life. The gift of time and presence, in many cases is the most important thing the volunteer offers.


To apply to become a volunteer, please print the following forms and take them to your health care provider to be signed and return them to Volunteer Services at the address provided below. Email the reference forms, one to each reference, and have them email it back to: volunteerservices@hcmed.org.

Send to:

Volunteer Services
Green Building, Level 1, Room 190
900 S. 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Note, the applications are branded 'Hennepin County Medical Center' as Hospice of the Twin Cities is now their preferred hospice care provider, and volunteer programming for both organizations are conjoined.

To request more information about becoming a volunteer, email Patti Keefer or call at (763) 253-2142. Please specify if you have interest for a certain position.


  • Patient/Family Care - provide companionship to the patient and respite for the caregiver as part of the hospice team. Volunteers can help by making friendly visits, reading to patients, writing letters and meal preparation.
  • Bereavement - offer support to the families and friends of deceased patients.
  • Administrative Support - assist hospice staff by providing clerical support, including mailing and other office projects.
  • Vigil - contribute to and help maintain a calm presence for the patient and family during the last few hours of life.
  • Pet Therapy - offer psychosocial, emotional and physical comfort to patients through visits with their certified therapy dog.


Volunteer commitment:

We are asking that interested candidates serve for (1) visit per week for (1) hour. This needs to be done on a consistent basis.

Volunteers must be willing to travel the metro area to make visits. We always attempt to keep volunteers near their homes, but we need to serve the needs of our patients and are looking for volunteers that are willing to travel based on the need.

Volunteers will need to complete a background check, TB screening and an interview before they begin volunteering. TB screenings will be repeated annually.

Volunteers must be willing to complete mandatory annual training and a yearly joint supervised visit, in addition to attending in-service training meetings at least four times a year.

Volunteer Training:

Training will consist of an online training that will be completed independently and a classroom training session.

  • Online training. Volunteers will sign up for the online training and will work independently to complete the basic training. We will provide a workbook and access key to an online portal. You will have 30 DAYS from the first time you open the program to complete the online training. The workbook will contain assignments for each of the training segments, that will need to be completed and mailed in, and we will provide postage paid envelopes for you to use.
  • Classroom Training. Training is done throughout the year. Your classroom training will be scheduled upon completion of your paper work, orientation and online training. Training can be 3-4 hours depending on the class size. The volunteer coordinator will work closely with you and your availability to complete required training. 

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To request more infomation about becoming a volunteer, please provide the following information:

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